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Sunday, July 8th 2012

2:45 PM

Preteen masterbation preview


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From: twodeadboysx3aol.com
Subject: Cliche chapter 2 Young FriendsDO NOT COPY THIS WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!This story has underage sex between two boys, if this is illegal where you
live, then get the eff out of here before I call the po-po.So this chapter is gonna be a bit choppy, I don't really remember half the
shit that happened...but ill do my best. I asked my friends and family to
fill me in the best they could.
CH 2
"There's nothing here to take for granted, with each breath that we take,
the hands of time strip youth from our bodies, and we fade...memories
remain, and life goes on."-Unbound (The Wild Ride) : Avenged Sevenfold.The memorial service is tomorrow, and the funeral the next day. Why they
did them on separate days, I'll never know. And frankly I don't really
care. I just don't want to be there, its going to suck so bad. Like really
bad. Its like almost admitting that she will never be here again. Its
stupid. My dad keeps saying that shes in a better place and shes happy and
that someday well see her again. Yeah bullshit. I don't think that
"heaven" exists...or that there's a "God", he ain't done shit for me if he
is real. Oh my bad, he gave my family money, with money comes power, with
power comes corruption. Thankfully it hasn't reached our family yet, or at
least our immediate family. My grandpa is an asshole when it comes to
making money. Yep a real dick. But hes nice to us, he gives me and Chas
like 200 bucks every time we see him, cuz we don't see him that often, he
lives in Paris. That place sucks too, there's absolutely nothing to do
there. Damn, I'm getting off topic.So two days ago I got suspended for completely making meatloaf out of Kyles
face. He keeps calling me and my friends, threatening us, telling us that
his brother whose 17 is going to kick our asses. Everybody knows that his
brother lives in Montana with his grandparents because their dad is suck preteen message board a
dickhead. His name is Kevin I think. But he is pretty fucked up, rumor has
it that he killed someone, but I don't know about that, I think the cops
would have caught him. Oh well, I'm not scared of his empty threats.Sigh, Kaceys apartment is like really nice, its like as nice as mine, but
he has awesome heated floors and a fucking awesome sauna. We went swimming,
it was fun. His mom gets mad when we go swimming because we don't wear swim
trunks when we go. Its not weird because me and Kacey always see each other
naked, I think everyone has seen us naked before. One time we got the cops
called on us by his neighbor because we came out of the apartment in
nothing at all because we thought there was a ghost in his house. Lol. We
got in sooo much trouble. Our parents almost got blamed with a neglect
charge because they "dont clothe us." youn preteen gallery man did we get in so much
trouble. Haha. It was pretty cool though. But anyways when we were done
swimming we walked to his sauna and stayed in there for a while and
talked. It was nice. Hes a good friend."So how are you holding up?" he asked me when we got in the sauna.I just shook my head. "I don't wanna talk about it right now, kay?" I
replied.He just nodded. "well if you do, you know that I'm always here right?" he
asked me in his watered down British-American accent.I nodded. Truth was that I did want to talk about it, I just didn't want to
cry again. And I was doing a shitty job of not crying because there I was
getting all misty. "Fuck, Kacey, I don't know what to do!" I just blurted.He nodded preteen message board and put his hand on my back. "dude, I'm so sorry." he said. I
could tell that he was. He had a huge heart, and I was his little brother.I nodded, and sorta broke down. He hugged me really tight."You know its not your fault." he said.I nodded. "I fucking know that its not my fault! Its that little demon
babies fault." I snapped. I have a lot of animosity toward the baby for
killing my mom, tiny nymphs preteen that's how I saw it.He didn't like that, I knew cuz he kinda got mad at it. He said "Look at
me!" like he was my dad...but he was my older 'brother.'I looked at him with my teary eyes."You know for a fact that it wasn't the babies fault, you cant fucking
blame a baby man, its not right, especially when the babies your baby
brother!" he said to me.I nodded and cried harder. "then whose fault is it?" I asked.He kinda laughed, it was a morbid ironic laugh, more like a huff. "No ones
man, it was just a freak accident, it was her time." he said. "i know that
she wouldn't want you to blame the baby though, you know that too don't
you?" he asked.I nodded. Damn Kacey, always knows what to say. "I'm sorry, I just had a
rough week." I said.He laughed at me. "Yeah, no shit. But at least you beat the living shit out
of Kyle man, although I will admit that I was a little scared myself." he
said.I laughed at him and 12 16 preteen smacked him. He smacked me back, and soon there was an
all out wrestling match in the sauna."Hey, you wanna go jam?" he asked, playing his air guitar.I laughed. "yeah I do".We grabbed our towels and walked out of the swimming area thingy and went
upstairs to his room. "Hey, maybe you can teach me the Pentatonic scale!"
he said.I sighed, "didnt I already teach that to you?" I asked.He stayed silent. "....Uhhh....maybe?"I laughed.The next day we woke up insanely early. It was the day of the Memorial
Service....oh god. My dad had got me this super expensive, uncomfortable
suit. It was like Gecko, or Gucky or something. I don't remember, but he
said he payed a lot to get it fitted in my size. I guess 11 year old boys
aren't supposed to wear Gucky, or Gucci, or whatever. But I finally got it
on and oh holy shit, it is soo uncomfortable, let me tell you. I was
practically fucking choking, and practically couldn't fucking walk or I'd
wrinkle the damn thing, and I had to wear boxers, which I never did, I was
a free-baller. My nads were like smooshed down and itching to get out. The
only comfortable thing I had on was my wife beater, (I hate that name....)We went to breakfast with Coety, Justin, R.J., and Brandon...with their
parents. My preteen gateway toplist sister showed up too. That was alright, but now we had to drive
halfway across town in a fucking Mercedes Limmo, which was embarrassing
because it seemed like we were flaunting our money. And get this, we didn't
rent it, my dad fucking owns it. model pleasure preteen Well all of our parents owned one, but my
dad had Chip, our driver, pick us all up and drop us all off and shit. Oh
well.The drive was excruciating, and long. Brandon sat next to me and let me lay
on his russian preteen nudes shoulder. The entire car was silent. It was ridiculous. I hate
silence, its weird. It wasn't awkward, preteen gateway toplist but no one seemed to wanna talk. It
was a grave silence I guess.We finally got to the church, this huge church that looked like some Gothic
architecture that you would see in London, it was scary too. My dad was
already there with the baby, he wasn't holding him though, my Grandma
was. She hadnt seen us in like a week, she looked okay though.I went up to my dad and he ruffled my hair that I had spent like four
billion hours brushing out. I stopped and fixed it. He had people to talk
to, and he wanted me to go with him, but I didn't want to. I preteen comic naturist
don't like
talking to people I don't know when I'm sad. So I just hung out with
Brandon and R.J. The rest of my friends stayed with their parents.I got so many condolences that I was numb to them, I had an automatic
response already when someone said "I'm so sorry," or "She will be missed."
I would lo young preteen
just nod and say thank you and shake a hand or give a hug. It was
tedious. And frankly, annoying. I'm sick of the sorries already. Its
stupid. I think everybody I knew from school was there. Ashley and her
posse, my god they are the definition of bitches. They're so rude to
everybody! Especially the kids who have scholarships and not a lot of
money, that's just how lo young preteen
they are. They're not mean to me, idk why, maybe
they have a crush on me...eew.They came up to me."Hey" Kristen, the readhead in their bitch posse said to me. She was the
nice one. "just wanted to say I'm sorry about what happened." preteen childsexy model she said to
me...and then she hugged me...weird.Ashley spoke up next. "yeah...were all sorry. When you're sad, we're all
sad, the whole school I mean. Ur like the life in that school." she
said. Wow...theyve never been this nice to me...its strange. But oh well.And then one by one they gave me a hug and left.I looked at Brandon with wide eyes...i was shocked. He just laughed at
me. "looks like you have five girlfriends hahaha." I punched him."whatever dude. You're just jealous." I replied.He shook his head."dude, you should tottally go out with Kristin." R.J. Said.I looked at him. "hah right." I said."Man if you don't, I will" he said with a laugh. "She is sooo hot." he
said."dude, shes 11...how is she hot?" I asked.He laughed. "Whatever man."I shook my head and we walked away. The service was about shameless pre teens
to start. I had
to go with my dad.I walked to the front pulpit where my dad was sitting with my grandparents
and the baby and sat down next to my dad. I put my head on his arm and he
moved it so he could hug me. Then the priest or whatever started the
ceremony. I'm not gonna go into all the details because its just sad and it
makes me cry everytime I think about it. He basically said some bible
verses and said that she was in a better place and to be absent in the body
is to be present with the lord. Blah blah blah. Id like to believe that
shes in heaven, but that would contradict what I believe.So after the priest said his sermon it was time for the speeches. My
grandmother went first. And then my grandfather...on my moms side that
is. They were telling stories about when she was a little girl, had
pictures of her and my dad and of her and my dad and Brandons parents. They
were inseparable since like 7th grade. Everyone was crying. Even me. I
didn't want to cry anymore, but I did. My dad was even teary. Next my dad
went up, he asked me to go up with him, and the baby. I held his hand the
entire time, I was feeling like a vulnerable child up there, and I didn't
care who saw. preteen child gallery I suddenly felt depression again. And I cried.After that I couldn't take anymore. When we sat down, I was still crying, I
asked my dad if I could just wait outside. He was sympathetic and let me. I
walked out the side way, so I wouldn't preteen topless portal
draw too much attention to myself. I
still had attention drawn to myself. But whatever.I got outside and suddenly felt wave upon wave of depression hit me. I
didn't know what else to do, so I ran. Ran away from the church, ran away
from my suddenly fucked life. I just ran, and didn't stop.I didn't stop until I was in a residential neighborhood, rare for
Manhattan. But there was a park, it was vacant, so I went to a tree far
away from the play ground and sat. I suddenly got frustrated with the damn
clothes I was wearing. I grabed the over coat sports jacket and threw it
off. And then the fucking tie that seemed like it was trying to fucking
choke little preteen vaginas me. And then the fucking shirt. I was so angry at life, at god, at
the universe. I literally ripped off my wife beater, threw it at the ground
and smashed it into the ground. I tilted my head up, and with all my
strength, and all of my pain and sadness I screamed up at the sky, I
screamed until my lungs gave out, and then I fell to my knees and cried. I
banged my fists on the ground. Banged them so hard that they went numb. I
ripped up all the grass that I could. I punched the ground until my arms
felt like jelly. Then I sat back on the tree and cried.Vague sounds of thunder could be heard and then one by one I felt little
droplets of rain on my bare skin."you know you shouldn't throw away such expensive clothes." a voice
suddenly said.I looked up, surprised that someone was here. I immediately recognized the
tall slender figure. Kevin. How the fuck did he find me??? I immediately
was scared for my life."How...what..." I stuttered.He laughed at me. There was top models preteens
someone else with him, no youn preteen gallery there were two people
with him. One of them was Kyle, preteen child gallery obviously and another was a guy I had never
seen, about Kevins age. "you think you can hurt my family and get away with
it?" Kevin said.I backed up. "how did you even know i'd be here?" I asked."been following you, and waiting for the perfect opputunity, and you pretty
much just gave it to me." Kevin said, laughing.I cringed. He walked to me and suddenly stopped laughing. He grabbed my
throat and slammed me up against the tree. "Did you think that you could
get away with beating up my little brother? My FAMILY??" He screamed. He
let me go and punched me in the stomach. I curled up, my wind suddenly
knocked out. He grabbed my hair. "Your not gonna get away with it, trust
me." he said. And then he grabbed my forehead and slammed it against the
tree. "you put him best preteen porno
in the hospital, now I'm gonna pay you the same
respect." he said.I was dizzy, and felt the warm liquid poring out of my head. I reached back
and saw blood.I heard Kevin vaguely tell his friend to hold me. And then I leg spread preteen felt a pair of
hands lift me up and hold my arms up. I felt blow after blow on my stomach,
and I couldn't breathe."You know, body shots hurt worse than shots to the face." he said, and then
he punched me in the face. And then punched me in my gut. He was
right. "See?" he said. "But I do want to ruin that face of yours" he said,
and then layed a lot of hits on my face. And then his friend released me. I
couldn't hold myself up because I was barely aware of what was
happening. My head was ringing and I was dizzy. I tried to get up and run,
but all I did was stumble onto a picnic area.Kevin and his friend laughed. "Where are you going?" he asked me.He walked over and and kicked me in the stomach. And then his friend kicked
me. I coughed and hacked up blood. Kevin bent down and looked me in the
eye. All I saw was hatred. He grabbed my russian preteen nudes hair and slammed it sex preteen ard on the
concrete. "IF YOU EVER" he slammed it on the concrete again. "TOUCH MY
BROTHER AGIAN" bam! He did it again. "I tiny nymphs preteen WILL FUCKING KILL YOU!!" he did it
again. And then dropped my head. He stood up and started kicking me again,
him and his friend. Kevin picked me up and threw me into the mud/sand where
the swings were. I couldn't even lift my head, I was face down in the
dirt. And then I felt a foot on the back of my head. And then a blinding
pain in my back. I cant tell you how many times but it was a lot. And then
on either side of me the resumed kicking me in my ribs. At some point I
passed out.I woke up again to Kevin slapping my cheeks. "Dont pass out, youll go into
a coma." he said. "and I want you to be awake for every fucking second of
this." he said.I caughed up blood in his face, unintentionally. His face got distorted and
the grabbed me by my neck models preteen porn and slammed me up against the bar of the
swings. "You disrespect me??" he asked. "SPIT IN MY FACE??" he yelled. I
suddenly felt a blinding pain in my stomach, and then another. He dropped
me to the ground and spit on me. I remember seeing Kyle, he was sitting,
scared half to death. And then I remember Kevins friend say that he needed
some cash, and asked if he could raid my pockets. Kevin told him just to
take all of my clothes, that they were Gucci and he could sell them for a
lot. So his friend flipped me over on my back and undid my belt and took my
pants and my shoes. I tried to plea with him to help me, but he just stuck
his fingers in where I felt the blinding pain. I screamed as best my lungs
would let me, which wasn't very loud. I heard Kyle yelling at Kevin for
taking this too far. Kevin hit Kyle in the face and screamed something
about respect and how he did it for Kyle. Kevin told his brother and his
friend to hurry up so they could leave. Kyle refused to go. Kevin free preteen masturbation
pissed off at him and smacked him again and told him to never ask him for
shit again and that Kyle was ungrateful. And then Kevin and his friend
left.I was in a daze. I couldn't feel anything but white hot pain coming from my
stomach. I couldn't feel the raindrops hitting my body, I wasn't cold from
being half naked, I just felt pain. I clawed at the dirt trying to find the
strength to tiny nymphs preteen
stand up, but I couldn't, my body was too weak.Kyle was still sitting at the tree crying, looking at me with remorse. He
got up and ran to me after his brothers car screeched off. He knelt beside
me."Are you okay?" he asked.I couldn't talk, just grunt."I...Im calling the cops..." Kyle said.I heard a familiar voice call my name. And then scream it. It was Kacey.A few seconds ls preteens models
later I saw him he knelt beside me and then touched my
stomach. I yelped and he pulled away."WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO???" he screamed at Kyle. And then Kacey jumped up
and tackled Kyle. He held his fist up in a threatening manner."WHAT HAVE YOU DONE??? YOU STABBED HIM??" Kacey screamed. And then
delivered a punch right to Kyles face."It wasn't me!" Kyle pleaded.I then caughed up blood and Kacey immediately jumped off of Kyle and knelt
beside me.He assesed my wounds again, then he took off my socks and pushed them to my
stomach. I screamed."I'm sorry, I have to stop the bleeding" he said, in tears. He looked at
Kyle. "Hold these!" he said. He and Kyle switched places. Kacey pulled out
his phone and dialed.Kyle looked at me. "I...I'm so sorry...i didn't know they would go this
far." he said.Not preteens first time
like I could reply, I was in too much pain.I heard Kacey yelling into the phone like a madman. And a few seconds later
he stopped and hung up. I didn't catch what he was saying. He moved Kyle
out of the way and put his hands on my socks to try and stop the bleeding
again."You're dad is on his way." he said through tears. I understood and I tried
Kyle was trying to tell Kacey what happened and Kacey just flipped and
pushed him. "Don't get near him!" Kacey yelled. Kyle just sat on the floor
and stared at us."Just hang on, your dad's almost here. Please just hang on." Kacey said. He
broke down and put his head on my chest and cried.Moments little preteen thumbnails later I heard a car door slam. I looked and saw my dad and my
Sister running to me from the Limmo. Kacey moved aside and let my dad
assess me himself."He's loosing a lot of blood." he said. "We need to get him to a hospital."Kyle spoke up. "I already called the cops." he said.My dad didn't look up. "we cant wait." he said. He placed his arms
underneath me and lifted me up. I screamed and yelped as he carried me to
the limmo. My sister rushed in preteen message board
before he placed me in the back seat. He
gave me to her and she held my head in her lap. Kacey and Kyle sat on the
other side."You have to stay awake Matt, please stay awake." Chas kept saying to me.I heard Kacey yelling at Kyle, and then a slam. I didn't look though, I was
in too much of a vague state of mind to tell what was going on."Stop it! Now isn't the time!" Chas yelled.I passed out. And when I woke up again I was in a gourney and bright lights
were flashing over my head along with about for or five people all dressed
in white."Eleven years old.....Contusions.....two stab wounds......Collapsed
lungs.....Broken Ribs......" I couldn't concentrate. free preteen masturbation
So I stopped
listening.I could feel my heart slow down...and the pain was slowly going away and my
vision was going free clips preteen black. My mind seemed to be contented and somewhere
else...somewhere supernatural. And then I laika model preteen took what I believed to be my
final breath...
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